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Village Hiking Tours in Punakha

Tour information

  • 4 star and 5 star accommodations and meals (optional)
  • Airfares (optional)
  • All entrance fees to museums and monuments
  • All internal taxes and fees
  • All meals ( breakfast
  • All meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner & light refreshments) at 3 star hotels/tourist standard restaurants
  • All necessary trekking equipments like sleeping tents
  • All necessary trekking equipments like sleeping tents, dinning tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags
  • All transfers and excursions by private vehicles
  • Bhutan Government Royalty of US$ 65/person/night
  • Bhutanese Tourist Visa fee of US$40/person (must be paid in advance with tour cost)
  • charge
  • Charges for porters ponies/mules for transportation on trekking trail
  • dinner & light refreshments) at 3 star hotels/tourist standard restaurants
  • dinning tents
  • English speaking tour guide service
  • Fees for Trekking cooks/ all meals on trekking
  • FIT surcharges of US$40/person/night for a single traveler and US$30/person/night for a double
  • kitchen tents
  • lunch
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Other personal expenses like overseas calls, laundry,etc
  • Single room supplement of US$40/room/night during low season and US$ 50/room/night during high season (optional)
  • sleeping bags
  • sleeping mats
  • toilet tents
  • Travel inssurance (recommended)
  • Twin sharing hotel rooms at 3 star hotels
Tour Map

Village Hiking Tours in Punakha


Palace Garden-Punakha Dzong (1Hour-5Km)

A hike to the Palace Gardens is appropriate for an afternoon walk. The surrounding is quiet and calm surrounded by few numbers of farmhouses and beautifully aligned gardens along the way. We are not allowed to walk by during the presence of the Royal Family.As you hike, on the way, you will come across the ruins of the royal firm. Inside the firm, you will see sheep, cattle, horses and the royal family’s private golf course. After crossing via the Sona Gasa Palace lies the antecedent residence of the Third King. Today, it is the private residence(retreat) of the Fourth and the Fifth kings. Moving forward via the palace leads to the Punakha Dzong.

Yebipokto Loop – Punakha Dzong (2Hours Hike)

This is a short distance hike and it will be a leisure walk for about 2hours. The trek trails are easy to follow. The trail leads to a small junction on the same way to the Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Chorten(stupa),(also known as Nyizergang Chöten and Punakha Zangdopelri). You will come across two paths. The right path leads to the Chorten. you have to turn left towards the suspension bridge and follow the trail across the river.  The path then leads to a mud-caked road till you reach the main road.  From there, you have to turn towards left and continue following the main road back to the turn-off towards the Punakha Dzong.

Mendegang (2Hours hike)

It is 2hours hike starting from the Zangdo Pelri Hotel. Amid the journey, you will be awed by the beautiful view of the valley with an irrigation channel along the mountainside.  The path has the precipitous channel and might appear scary. After crossing the frightening Channel, the path gradually descents to the valley of small villages, and gradual climb aloft through the rice paddies on the opposite will get you to the main road, where your tour vehicle will be waiting.

Nobgang Village- Punakha Dzong ( An hourly hike)

Nobgang village sprawl on the summit of a hill on the same route to Talo the home of the Queen mothers of Bhutan. From the village, You will be amazed by the views of the Punakha valley. It is breathtaking. on the way, You will witness the Fourth King’s Palace, two temples and two stupas built in tribute to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel (Unifier of Bhutan) and the Residence of the Yab(the father of the Queen Mothers). From Nobgang village, winds gently down to the Punakha Dzong.

Giligang – Khamsum Chorten – Punakha Dzong Hike (5Hours Hike)

The hike takes you through rice paddies and winding up the trail to Khamsum Chorten,(also known as Nyizergang Chöten and Punakha Zangdopelri). We will take a brief rest and enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful valley below. From here, the trail gradually ascents aloft on the mountainside. Giligang (“Gili” meaning cat and “gang” meaning hill) with its 300-year old temple is the best spot to enjoy your picnic lunch. From Giligang, the trail continuously descent downwards until you reach Changyul Bridge just before Punakha Dzong.


Giligang via Samdingkha – Pho Chhu Zam (7Hours Hike)

It is a moderate descent and ascent hike for about 45 minutes to Giligang. From there, we will hike through another route from the Giligang that leads to the mountain ridge. The trail is a gradual descent to the  Mo Chhu side and further descend sharply down to the Po Chhu side.  After this, the steady trail follows along the river towards the dzong. If you wish to explore more about the Giligang village and the temple, depending upon your energy, the hike will be ongoing. The hike takes you through a beautiful rice paddy field and a sharp descent leading to the Nawakha village. Further, the trail leads to the local community school, Tempakha village and finally to If  Samdingkha. you have to turn left and cross the suspension bridge where you will see your tour vehicle waiting for you.


Dompala Goemba -Tsho Chhasa School Visit (6Hours Hike)

The hike is a gradual climb through chirpine forests. You will be awed by the scenic adventure from the Punakha Dzong crossing  Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge accompanied by the placid ambience on the way. After crossing the Pho Chhu River, the hike is a gradual climb through the forest which takes about three hours to reach Dompala Goemba. On the way, you will enjoy sight views of Punakha, Nobgang and Talo. After fifteen minutes walk from the  Dompala Goemba, you will reach Tsho Chhasa Primary School. We will take a break for a lunch. After lunch, we shall proceed further. The trail sharply descents downwards till the Khuurthang bridge. Further, hike through partly paved dirt road on the way to WangduePhodrang till the opposite of the Devine Madman’s Monastery-Chhimi Lhakhang, famously known for its fertility shrine, where it is believed, one can receive special fertility blessings. Your tour vehicle will be waiting at the end route of your today’s hike.

Jungle Hike – Kabji Hokatsho (Lake) (7Hours Hike)

Note: The hike is not favourable during the summer time

This beautiful lake lies hidden away in the middle of dense jungle vegetation. It is about seven hours venture through the mud-caked path upward climb through small villages before reaching the 15th-century Chorten( temple) Nyeabu. we shall take a brief rest here. After rest, we shall proceed further. from here, you will continuously follow the path of a man-made creek which leads all the way to the lake. On the way, you will enjoy the music like sounds of the insects. As you move on further, the path leads you into a dense vegetation. When you reach the destination, a small path will lead you to the peaceful and magnificent Hokatsho. we shall take a moment here to get a mesmerising glimpse of the lack. Then, hike down to the  Chorten Nyeabu, with picnic lunch in one of the farmhouses en route before commencing on the last hour down to the pickup point.

Goen Tshey Phy Nyea (6Hours Hike)

It is three hours continuous hike through beautiful nature and a holy temple where you can witness the Guru Rinpoche’s imprints. During the tiresome hiking towards the Goen Tshey Phu Nyea, you will enjoy the walk through the peace forests and the great views of the wild life. The trail further leads to the pastureland where a majestic view of the Goen Tshey Phu Nyea Temple is visible. It is said that Guru Rinpoche visited these caves after his retreat at Maratika in Nepal, and it was here that he was able to fully see the form of Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life.  After completing his meditation, Guru Rinpoche stepped on the large rock in front of the temple, and flew off to Tsheychu Dra, a temple in Gasa. His three-foot prints can be seen clearly.You will see the two impressive cave formations and Guru Rinpoche’s “kitchen”.

Bay Yul Lang Dra Hike

According to myth, Guru Rinpoche visited Bey Langdra from Zangdokpalri for a seven-days. On His arrival, Terdak Langdrapa, a local deity, caused obstacles in the spread of dharma teaching. However, manifesting as Urgyen Dorje Gur, the Guru subdued and made the diety as the protector of the treasure-teachings. It is said that Guru Rinpoche has hidden approximately 60 terma here.

The hike gives you another opportunity to view holy imprints of Guru Rinpoche and few holy temples. It is more than one hour drive through the Sha village and beautiful forest to the trailhead from where another two-hour walk up through the mild temperature forest.

It is believed that one who visits Bey Landra and practises dharma and make offerings, will be freed from samsara.


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